School Show Reservations


Once you complete the order form below and click "submit," your seats will be reserved. You will receive an invoice within a few days. Bring your invoice or MSU Riley Center receipt on the day of the show. It will be checked and used as your group ticket. Entire balances must be paid by the day of the show before admittance will be allowed.

COST: All school shows are $5.00 per person for every person entering the theater. Only those acting officially on behalf of the group (e.g., teachers, administrators, chaperones, drivers) will be admitted, and only with the purchase of a ticket. No other persons, regardless of interest or familial status, will be allowed to purchase a ticket or to view the performance.

RESERVATIONS: Seat assignments are made based on several factors, including when the order is received, group size, students’ ages, and any special needs. Seating groups together and student height are also key factors. Accurate numbers are crucial for seating. Please confirm a final and accurate count before submitting your form.

TIME: All shows last ONE hour. When the show is over, MSU Riley Center staff/volunteers will guide and direct groups out of the theater in an orderly fashion. Teachers/chaperones are asked to please wait for cues before directing students out of the theater.

CHAPERONES: Chaperones must be acting in an official capacity with the school, be included in the school's group order, and be capable of walking up to four flights of stairs. Parents and other family members who are NOT part of the official group purchase as chaperones will NOT be allowed to attend.

  • One chaperone/teacher per every 10 children is required.
  • A chaperone/teacher MUST accompany any student/child to the restroom or if leaving the theater for any reason.

TRANSPORTATION: All cars/vans must park in the Arts District Parking garage. BUSES: Go north on 22nd Avenue, turn left onto 8th Street, then turn left onto 23rd Ave. and go two blocks. Police will lead you to park facing east on 6th Street behind the MSU Riley Center. Buses should arrive 30 minutes before the show.

VOLUNTEERS: Our gracious volunteers only assist with general seating and the most basic of issues. If any concern arises or you request additional information, please speak with a Riley Center Staff Member, who will greet you upon arrival and be available during performances.

MORE INFORMATION: Contact Jennifer Haught at or 601.696.2200.


Please do not submit this form until you are positive of your numbers and intention to attend on this date and time, as we hold your seats and will turn away schools once we reach capacity.