Better Than Ezra

With Special Guest Airpark

Thursday, May 23, 2024 | 7:00 pm

Tickets $25 to $75

The best songs and bands transport you back to the first moment you heard them. Maybe you caught Better Than Ezra at a house party after they formed in 1988 at Louisiana State University. Or heard “Good” on the radio when the song hit number one in 1995. Or became a fan when Taylor Swift covered the band’s “Breathless” in 2010. Or saw the group headline huge outdoor concerts in 2018. Those hummable melodies, unshakable guitar riffs, and confessional lyrics led Billboard magazine to name them one of the 100 Greatest of All Time Alternative Artists. Come see Better Than Ezra – and be transported.

Opening for Better Than Ezra, Airpark is a Nashville-based duo whose songs explore the vast expanse of forward-thinking pop music. It's a sound that's both timely and timeless, rooted in sharp grooves one minute and dreamily rounded edges the next. Over time, the Fords have created honest and ever-evolving music, glued together by nuanced arrangements, attention to melody, and the refusal to make the same record twice.


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